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Wizard-driven cataloging tool for all your media, HTML, text, and archive files
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MP3 Music Organizer Premium does organize your MP3 audio files in folders and subfolders, but it actually is capable of organizing your entire collection of audio, image, video, text, software, and archive files in a breeze. The selected files will be copied or moved into an intricate net of folders and subfolders that will group your files according to their type and following whatever other settings and preferences you chose during the process.

We are guided through the entire process by a 7-step wizard – complete with a registration page – that will let you define how you want your MP3 music to be organized. This includes the way the files will be renamed (using the information present in its ID3 tags) and how and where they will be sorted and stored. You are offered a number of templates that combine these tags in different ways to form the filenames of your MP3s. You can choose one of them or simply define your own. The folder structure seems to be defined by the program, as no step in the wizard warned me about it. The tree of folders and subfolders created to organize my files resulted in as many folders as years found in my files, which included subfolders for each of the months present, and with sub-subfolders for each of the days. Not a bad system, but not the one I would choose to organize my music. Especially, if you are not given a tool that allows you to visualize that structure, find the logic in it, and search for a specific track or album in a simple and straightforward way. Years, months, and days of the week are great for photo albums, but not so great for discographies, archives, text files, software executables, etc.

By the way, photos, and all kinds of images actually, have also their own wizard (a shorter one in this case), complete with its renaming templates. However, the organizational logic does not change regardless of the nature of the documents – the resulting net of folders and subfolders is still date-based.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Allows you to customize the way your collection is organized
  • Simple wizard-driven interface
  • Supports nearly all known file formats


  • It does not provide you with a catalog of your sorted files
  • Limited to the "physical" organization of your files
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